CAG can, in an advisory capacity, advise on purchases or sales of any work of art. We also provide the following services:

Appraisals & Insurance
Insurance, gift, fire and damage appraisals.

Doug has extensive experience advising on buying and selling; where the best markets are for sales; where to look for specific artists and how to purchase, plus auction bidding on-site or off.

Artist, location, medium and price research world-wide.

Copyrights & Reproductions
Who owns it, when did they buy it and why? Plus everything you need to know about prints and reproductions.

Gifting & Bequests
Gifting and sourcing of art and related tax opportunities.

Conservation Referrals
Cleaning, storing, framing, and installation advice.

Travel and Tours
CAG can arrange global travel and insider access to art fairs world-wide. We also offer tours to major art cities, museums and art centres around the world.


One of our rare finds: Walter J. Phillips - Canmore